This website will give visitors a chance to familiarize themselves with these rare station wagons that were custom made under license by I.M.A. in Mechelen, Belgium.
They are called Universal.

Other utility wagons as well hearses and ambulances were also made by many other coach builders like Jacques Coune (Belgium), Binz, Christian Miesen, Haegele, Stolle, Pollmann, Welsch, Zender (Germany), Jauernig (Austria), Pilato (Italy), Movauto (Portugal), Crayford (Great Britain & USA) & others.

This site will also be dedicated to the preservation of all Mercedes Benz station wagons of the 1950's (170, Ponton & Adenauer), 60's (Heckflosse), 70's (/8, W116) as well as other special bodied Mercedes Benz vehicles of the same time period.

This site will be full of information such as the history of each coach builder, model specifications as well as production figures & a global registry of known vehicles.

Check back soon and often for updates.
Feel free to contact me for more detailed info.
Mercedes Benz Universal "IMA" station wagons
Universal station wagon
W110/111  1965-1969

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